Your Rights. Done Right.

Rights management & music industry solutions

Musical publishers, producers, collecting societies & licensing agencies

Management Solutions

Society management systems.
Documentation, licensing, collecting and distribution solutions.
Works matching solutions.

Cloud platforms

Management solutions over the Internet.
No IT administration expenses.
No IT development investments.

Alternative models

Hosted solutions model also available.

You host, you manage.


High Performance

State-of-the-art technologies. Big Data Solutions. Data sharding. Horizontal Scalability. Parallel Processing.


Business metrics & analytics.
High detail level of information.
Traceability & transparency.

Use of Industry Standards

Compatibility with main standards of the business: CWR, AVR, DDEX, CCID, CRD, ...

Sales Licensor

Integral cloud platform for licensing digital usages of musical works and managing their related royalties.

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Publisher Suite

All-in-one cloud platform for managing publishers and producers business.

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Your Rights Done Right

Technology as basis of success

Data quality and enhacement

Business assets empowerment

Business process optimization

Traceability & transparency

Agility & accountability

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