Licensing cloud solution of musical works' digital usages

Product Description

Rightmos Sales Licensor is an cloud solution for managing the licensing of musical works' digital usages for the main Digital Sales Providers.

Integrated with your works documentation processes, Rightmos Sales Licensor is the solution to comply the full lifecycle of the licensing business process.

For licensing agencies, collecting societies ...

Or any other entity managing rights and royalties of digital usages of musical works.

Ease of integration with your systems

Provided musical work metadata is enough to start identifying musical works.

Provided work shares information or claiming services to perform claiming calculation operations.

High processing capabilities

High speed processing of huge amounts of information. Its scalable architecture grows as much as your needs.

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Sales Report Ingestion

High processing capabilities of sales reports.

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Usages matching

Identification of used works
from declared transactions.

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Royalties Management

Royalties claiming,
invoicing and distribution.

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Business Insights

High detailed business
key metrics & reports.


Sales Reports Ingestion

Import usages of musical works declared in digital sales reports (DSR) from main digital service providers (DSP).

Compatible with DDEX sales report format

High processing capabilities & performance

Collecting of business key metrics

Detailed sales information displayed

Main digital sales providers supported

  Youtube   Spotify  iTunes

Usages Matching

Identify used works by matching declared usages with provided works metadata.

Automatic matching learning system

Supervised & contributive manual matching

Data dictionary

Cross identification between DSP metadata

Royalties management

Claim & distribute proper royalties to DSPs by apply custom calculation rules & fees.

Custom licensing fees definition

Support for CCID invoicing format

Detailed claiming information

Royalties distribution configuration

Download work distribution details

Business Insights

Get a precise tracking of your business and assets.

Obtain key business metrics

Historical evolution charts

Get detailed usage information of your repertoire

Detailed Work Reports

Key features

High speed processing

Millions of sales transactions processed within minutes.

Grow as you need

Its scalable architecture prevents systems overloading and makes it possible to improve processing throughput.

Matching System

Automatic matching system based on neural learning algorithms.
Supervised and contributive manual matching

Detailed Royalties Information

Obtain traceability. Provide visibility and transparency.


Configure your own claiming rules and licensing fees.

Ease of Integration

Drop creation works metadata, setup/provide licensing rules and go!

Some figures



Daily Gigabytes processed


millions of daily sales
transactions processed


millions of daily
matching operations


% of automatic
matching success ratio

Business Models

We host. We manage.

Management performed upon our platform by our business expert team members.

Get access to our platform for monitoring and validation purposes.

We host. You manage.

Management performed upon our platform.

All business tasks done by your team members and supported by our experts.

You host. You manage.

Not enough? Deploy the solution on your own servers.

Use your own team to manage the complete business lifecycle.

Get Started!



Provide your musical works metadata.



Setup your claming and licensing rules.


Go !

Drop your DSRs and start licensing.