Rightmos Publisher Suite

All-in-one cloud solution for managing musical publishers & producers business

Product Overview

Publisher Suite is an all-in-one cloud platform to manage all business assets of musical publishers and producers.

It is an affordable solution for any musical publishing company requesting an integral platform for managing its complete business lifecycle.

Publisher Suite's features allow to perform work registrations into collecting societies using business standards (CWR), import royalties information and distribute them into rightholders, grant licenses for musical work usages, publish multimedia contents to external systems and provide access to related stakeholders.

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Musical Works

Register & exchange musical works
information and publishing agreements.

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Products & Recordings

Recordings, albums, labels
information and multimedia related contents.

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Manage royalties incomes and
distribute them into your stakeholders.


Musical Works

Create, edit and register musical works information.

Classify works in catalogues.

Manage multi-territory publishing agreements.

Propagate agreement updates into works.

Manage works registration submissions.

CWR supported

Products & Recordings

Create products & recordings information.

Add multimedia related contents.

Share and publish contents with external systems.


Import royalties information.

License & invoice usages of musical works.

Distribute royalties into Interested Parties.

Get income & expenses detailed reports.

Share information with related stakeholders.

Key features

Single management point

Integral solution for managing all your business assets.

Business Standards

For an easy integration with other business entities and systems.

No High IT expenses

Affordable all-in-one solution to manage all your business.

Third party interaction

Share your business assets and data with interested parties and organizations.


Manage contact information of your main stakeholders.

My Drive

Organize and share documents, multimedia contents and other files.

Business Models

We host. You manage.

Management performed upon our platform.

Use your own team to manage the complete business lifecycle.

You host. You manage.

Deploy the solution on your own servers.

Use your own team to manage the complete business lifecycle.